News from Beverley Building Society.

November 2012 - The maximum amount that can be invested in any of the Society's savings account, with the exception of a Cash ISA and Junior Cash ISA account which have their own limits, is currently £350,000.

Beverley Building Society.

Beverley Building Society  was founded in 1866, The head office address is Beverley Building Society, 57 Market Place, Beverley, East Yorkshire. HU17 8AA.

They offer a number of products including

Mortgages- Standard variable rate mortgages,discount mortgages and offset mortgages are available.

Savings Accounts- Instant Access, Young Saver, 30 Day Notice Savings Account, Monthly Saver, Cash ISA and Postal Account.

For the year ended 31/12/2010 The Financial Results for Beverley Building Society were 2009 figures in (brackets)

Profit £133,000 (733,000)

Assets £168,593,000 (£165,090,000)

Executive Directors Pay £131,000 (£158,00)

Non Executive Directors Pay £76,000 (£72,000)

Gross mortgage lending for the year was £13.1 million (£13.3 million) the average loan to value ratio was below 50% but the society took a £675,000 loss on an industrial property that was taken into possession and subsequently sold. The Beverleys savers balances increased to £156.5 million from £151.3 million. Management expenses as a percentage of mean total assets rose to 0.65% from 0.62%.

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