November 2012 - As a car owner, you will be aware of the costs involved. That is why they are committed to lowering your vehicle expenses by finding you the cheapest car insurance policy. They will search more than 40 top UK insurance providers to supply you with a selection of their cheapest car insurance quotes.

Endsleigh Car Insurance Review.

Endsleigh will search a panel of leading UK insurers to find you their lowest cost insurance. With a monthly payment option and instant online quotations, try Endsleigh and see how much you could save.
Endsleigh search around 40 car insurance schemes. When you use the endsleigh car insurance quote system they will check all of their providers but they only present the cheapest car insurance quote from them to you.

Whether you are a first time driver, a woman driver or are simply looking for a cheap car insurance quote then try Endsleigh.

The quote process takes less than a minute. Join the thousands of people who switch to Endsleigh every month for their cheap car insurance!

There are three main types of insurance cover, comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only. It is often worth getting quotes on different levels of cover and comparing the costs with the cover on offer. Endsleigh can provide quotes on all three cover types through our panel of 40 car insurance schemes.

With Endsleigh for every year you don't claim your car insurance no claims discount could increase up to 76%.

If you have ever needed to add a friend to your car insurance for a day or two or borrow someone else's vehicle? A short term car insurance policy with Endsleigh allows you to do this. With their Short Term Car Insurance you can temporarily insure another driver or another car for 1 to 28 days within a matter of minutes!