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Most visits to France are trouble but figures from the UK FCO show that  1,220 British nationals required consular assistance in France in the period 01 April  2008 – 31 March -2009 for the following types of incident; deaths (611 cases); hospitalisations (203 cases); and arrests, for a variety of offences (193 cases). During this period assistance was also requested with regard to lost or stolen passports (1,932 cases).To drive in France you must be 18 years old and have a valid UK driving licence, insurance and vehicle documents. Failure to comply may lead to a fine and/or your vehicle being impounded. You are not permitted to drive at 17 even if you hold a valid licence. If you do not own the vehicle you are driving, you are advised to obtain written permission from the registered owner. 

It is compulsory to carry a warning triangle and reflective jacket. The reflective jacket must be stored inside the vehicle itself. Non-compliance is a fineable offence. In-car radar detectors are illegal in France whether in use or not.  If caught with one, you are liable to fines and/or, confiscation of the device and the vehicle.
You should take the EHIC medical card with you but remember this is not a substitute for medical and travel insurance, but entitles you to emergency medical treatment on the same terms as French nationals.  It does not cover medical repatriation, on-going medical treatment or treatment of a non-urgent nature or any delays lost baggage so proper travel insurance is recommended..

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Each year over 14 million British citizens visit France of which it is estimated that over 7.6 million are going to France for holidays. Below are three travel insurers that offer cheap travel insurance if you are visiting on holiday or off to see french relatives and offer both single trip and annual/multi trip european travel insurance for europe.

Debenhams travel insurance-3 days single trip cover for europe starts from as little as £4.99

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