Funeral Insurance.

A number of companies offer funeral insurance or over 50's life insurance that can be used for funeral costs. These insurance plans can be used to help those loved ones you leave behind to pay for the funeral costs. 
A typical funeral in the UK today is not cheap and below are some costings from an undertaker in the North West so likely the costs in the South east could be a lot higher. Figures correct @ 04/04/2010.

Coffins                £820 - £2,452
Limousine each    £120
Service Sheets      80p each
Cremtorium fees  £400+
Medical Fee         £147
Minister               £114+
Horse drawn hears £800
Guest book          £18

On top of the above there will also be the costs for the wake and even a basic finger buffet will be upwards of £7 per person.

Companies offering funeral or over 50's life insurance are listed below.




LV=Liverpool Victoria

Premiums start from only £5 per month, that’s 17p per day. There are no medical or health questions to answer and acceptance is guaranteed as long as you are aged 50-80 and live in the UK. If you die within the first 12 months, depending on the circumstances we may only pay out the premiums you have paid, without interest .The 50 Plus plan can provide up to £25,000 life cover for the over 50s to help with things like funeral expenses and unpaid bills. Your cover is fixed when your plan starts, and doesn’t change. This means that it won’t keep up with inflation, and will buy less in the future. The plan has no cash in value at any time.


Sun Life Direct

The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan offers life cover for the rest of your life from just £4 per month – that’s just 14p a day if you’re aged 50-85.


Engage Mutual

If you take out an engage mutual over 50's life insurance plan you can receive £30 of M&S vouchers free and the Engage Funeral Funding Option is a free addition to your plan that will make arranging your funeral much simpler. Engage have teamed up with The Co-operative Funeralcare, to allow you to arrange a payment to be made directly from your policy proceeds towards your funeral expenses.