Greenbee Pet Insurance News.

01.10.2010 Greenbee Pet Insurance has been renamed John Lewis Pet Insurance. Information on John Lewis Pet Insurance can be found here.

Greenbee Pet Insurance Review

Part of the John Lewis Partnership (John Lewis, Waitrose, Greenbee and John Lewis Financial Services) Greenbee offers a select range of financial, services, including Pet Insurance. The bespoke range of products are provided by industry experts and share the same values of quality, honesty and reassurance as the John Lewis Partnership.

Greenbee believes that their customers will value being able to source these services direct from a company they trust. Just like John Lewis and Waitrose, customers can trust Greenbee to offer products and services that are both excellent quality and good value. Greenbee always aim to deliver these with the same high level of service that customers expect from the John Lewis Partnership.

• Pet Insurance - Greenbee is able to insure pets from aged 8 weeks and has no upper age limit. Greenbee Pet Insurance is comprehensive and includes features and benefits that do not always come as standard with other policies, for example providing up to £1,000 for advertising if the pet is lost or stolen and up to an additional £1,000 as a reward to ensure pet and owner are reunited as quickly as possible.

80% of Greenbee customers rate their service ‘Very good’ or ‘excellent’.

Greenbee Pet Insurance offers customers a choice of easy payment methods. You can choose to pay your premium by monthly Direct Debit (interest free) or if you prefer, you can pay in a lump sum by credit or debit card.

Your pet will be covered for dental treatment as a result of an accident but any regular dentistry is excluded.

To make it easier for you Greenbee pet insurance usually pay the vet directly if they are set up for this. If the vet is unable to offer this facility or you've already paid the vet, greenbee will send you a cheque. In the event of an emergency call out, the vet may request payment to be made immediately.

Should your dog cause an accident they will protect you against third party liability, with cover for up to £2 million.

Greenbee Dog Insurance has been specially selected by the John Lewis Partnership to provide excellent value for money, without compromising the quality and service you've come to expect from them.