AA Pet Insurance News

March 2012 - The AA offers 3 levels of pet insurance cover to suit your budget and requirements.

AA Pet Insurance Review

The AA (Automoble Association) offers a number of insurance products with pet insurance being one of them.

AA Pet Insurance is available for both cats and dogs.

The Key Features if you choose to insure your pet with the AA are

3 levels of cover available allowing you to choose the pet insurance policy that suits your cats or dogs requirements best.

Option to pay monthly or annually.

Lots of pet insurance policies only provide cover for ongoing conditions for 12 months. Withh AA pet insurancethe policy will continue to provide cover up to the policy limit for ongoing claims subject to cover remaining in force and the payment of the premium.

Option of co-insurance which means your premiums are reduced subject to you agreeing to pay 10% of the total veterinary claim.

Cover for vets fees is available up to £1,000 on bronze cover, £3,000 on silver and £5,000 on the gold pet insurance cover.

Other cover included is (amount depends on policy cover chosen).

Early Death....AA Pet insurance will pay you if your cat or dog dies as a result of accident, illness or injury. Cover available up to age of 9 for dogs and 11 for cats.


Third Party Liability. If your pet causes injury or damage to a third party you have cover up to £1,000,000 including legal fees.

Bereavement Counselling.

Pet Minders Service giving you details on where to locate a pet minder.

With the silver and gold AA pet insurance cover you also get Boarding Kennel Fees if your suddently taken into hospital and need your cat or dog looked after and holiday cancellation costs.

Full details on the latest policy terms and cover details are available on the AA pet insurance website.