Argos Travel Insurance News.

November 2012 - Argos has teamed up with Insure & Go to help you protect your holiday. So whether you're going on holiday once, or multiple times, you can choose from Economy, Value, Value Plus or Premier cover.


Argos Travel Insurance can provide cover for your holiday requirements with travel cover available from short 3-day trips to regular annual holidays.
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Argos Travel Insurance offers a choice of cover depending on where you are travelling and who you travel with.
Single trip cover is available for people up to the age of 70 and Annual multi trip cover for people up to the age of 65.
Argos also offer gap year cover for individuals or couples up to age of 35. 

Travel Insurance Policies are alos available for single-parent families.

Family cover can include two adults and up to 4 dependent children.
Couple cover includes same sex partners.
With Argos Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance for two persons for Europe is available from £75.99 and a family could get cover for Europe for £39.99.

Travel policies options with Argos Travel insurance

Single TripOn Classic policies, cover is available for any one trip of up to 122 days.
On Value
policies, cover is available for any one trip of up to 31 days.
Multi-TripThis gives you cover to travel as many times as you like within the period of insurance.
On Classic polices, no single trip may last longer than 45 days.
On Value policies, no single trip
may last longer than 31 days.
Under both Classic cover and Value cover, adults are entitled to
travel independently. Children under 18 years of age are only entitled to travel separately to themain insured person if they are travelling with a relative, guardian or person with a legal duty ofcare. Cover is only provided in the United Kingdom if you stay in pre-booked accommodation for at least two nights away from where you usually live.

Europe cover The continent of Europe, including all countries west of the Ural Mountains, islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, Madeira, Turkey, the Azores and Iceland.
Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean

Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

Argos travel insurance will not provide cover for trips to cuba, afghanistan, liberia or sudan.

Full details on all the conditions and exclusions can be found on the Argos Travel Insurance website.