Ipswich Building Society News.

February 2012 - Subject to criteria Ipswich Building Society are one of the few lenders offering 95% LTV mortgages to new customers.

Review of Ipswich Building Society.

The Ipswich Building Society is an independent Building Society founded in 1849. Today the head office is at PO Box 547, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP3 9WZ. They have 9 branches. They supply a range of products including savings accounts, mortgages and home contents and buildings insurance.

For the year ended 31/11/2010 Ipswich Building Society results showed (previous years figures in brackets).

Profit for the year £364,000 (£271,000)

Total Assets £500,740,000 (£462,437)

Executive Directors Pay £263,000 (2238,00)

Non Executive Directors £131,000 (£131,000)

For the year net savings inflows totalled £75,000,000 and mortgage balances by £34,000,000.

Ipswich Building Society.