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October 2012 - Leeds Building Society’s new Bonus Notice Account pays a competitive current interest rate of 3.00% gross/ AER, with full access subject to 90 days notice.

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The Leeds Building Society is an independent Building Society founded in 1875. Today the head office is at 105 Albion Street, Leeds LS1 5AS. They have branches throught the UK and Leeds supply a range of products including savings accounts, mortgages, home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.

For the year ended 31/12/2010 Leeds Building Society results showed (previous years figures in brackets).

Profit for the year £30,900,000 (£22,600,000)

Executive Directors Pay £1,350,000 (£1,085,000)

Non Executive Directors £323,000 (£346,000)

For the year ended 31/12/2010 residential arrears (2.5% or more of outstanding mortgage balances) improved to 2.16% (2.24%). The charge for residential losses was £15,400,000 (£12,200,000). The average loan to value on mortgages taken out during the year was 53%.

On 2010 The Leeds Building Society attracted over £2bn of new savings resulting in a net increase in balances of £245 million taking the total to over £7bn. During the year the Leeds attracted 52,000 new members.

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