Looking for an unusal Valentines gift?

You might not think it but Life Insurance really says “I love you”

Valentine’s Day is about love. And we all know love isn’t a bunch of flowers. Love is a promise: “I’ll always care for you. I’ll always look after you."

But could you keep that promise if you or your partner became critically ill, or if one of you were to die?

To truly look after each other, you need to secure your future, together or apart. That’s why the best gift you can give each other this Valentine’s Day is life insurance and critical illness cover.

Did you know...

Our life insurance premiums start from £6 per month although it will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. Protect your loved ones this Valentines Day.

What is Life Insurance and do i need it?

Life Insurance is an insurance policy that is taken out against a persons life. Should die earlier than expected and have a life insurance policy it will pay out an agreed amount of money if you die.If you fail to pay your premiums you will no longer be covered by your like insurance policy so it is very important to choose a monthly payment you are sure you will be able to afford.

The advantages of having life insurance is that should the unexpected happen to you your loved ones will receive a lump sum of money from the life insurance company that can be used by your loved ones to pay bills, credit cards, funeral expenses, outstanding mortgages or anything else that might prove hard for your family to pay if if you were no longer there to provide for them.

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