LV 50 Plus Life Insurance Plan.

October 2012 - All new LV over 50 life insurance customers are entitled to a free gift. You can choose either £30 of M&S vouchers or a dvd player or a Praktica Digital Camera.

LV 50 Plus Life Insurance Review

Life insurance from LV (Liverpool Victoria), the UK's largest friendly society*. Many people aged 50 and over find that they don't have sufficient life insurance cover. That's why LV has developed the 50 Plus plan.

Premiums start from only £5 per month, that’s 17p per day. There is no medical or health questions to answer and acceptance is guaranteed as long as you are aged 50-80 and live in the UK.

The 50 Plus plan can provide up to £25,000 life cover for the over 50s to help with things like funeral expenses and unpaid bills.

*Association of Friendly Societies Key Statistics 2008, based on total net assets

You must be a UK resident (not the Channel Islands or Isle of Man). You must be aged 50 to 80.

It’s never too late to plan for your future and take out life insurance, but as you get older you may find it more difficult to get the cover you want, particularly if you’re in poor health or have suffered a serious illness.

Maybe your house is paid off and your kids have graduated from college, but you still want your spouse to be taken care of. You might also be concerned about your family’s ability to pay your debts or funeral costs if you weren’t around. You may even wish to provide an estate to your children or grandchildren. There are many reasons for people over 50 to take out life insurance.

That’s why LV (Liverpool Victoria) offer the 50 Plus plan, which guarantees to accept you onto the policy as long as you are aged 50 to 80 and a UK resident (except Channel Islands and Isle of Man).

Unlike traditional life assurance, you can get covered with the LV 50 Plus plan regardless of any current health issues. You don't have to complete a lengthy questionnaire or take a medical before you get cover from them.

What does is mean to be a member of LV

When you take out a 50 Plus plan with LV= will become a member of the friendly society. This brings with it a whole host of benefits including discounts on general insurance products and access to the Member Care Line.


LV 50 Plus Life Insurance Summary

  • No medical or health questions

  • Guaranteed acceptance (conditions apply)

  • Choose a free gift when your plan starts

  • Get an extra 10% with the LV Funeral Benefit option

  • The LV 50 Plus plan is member conferring – meaning that you become a member of LV

  • Your family will get a cash lump sum to help with funeral expenses and unpaid bills

  • The guaranteed sum could also be a gift for your grandchildren

  • Get up to £25,000 of cover

  • Cover from just £5 a month

  • The amount of cover depends on your age and gender

  • Your spouse or partner can also apply

  • Cover continues for free when you're 90

  • The LV (Liverpool Victoria) claims process is simple and efficient