Currently if you take out an LV over 50s life insurance policy with or without the funeral expenses plan they will give you £30 of M&S vouchers free.  

LV over 50s Funeral Plan Insurance.

Did you know the average cost of a funeral today is £2,622* and having recently had to arrange a funeral i suspect this is  based on a very basic and simple funeral.
* Source: LV= cost of a funeral research – Consensus Research, September 2009 (based upon a sample of UK Funeral Directors)

LV as well as offering over 50s life insurance have what they call a funeral benefit option you can add to the over 50s life insurance. In simple terms it means that your life insurance policy pays out to dignity the UK’s largest funeral firm(1 in 8 UK funerals are organised by them) so your loved ones do not have to worry about finding the money to pay your funeral costs.
If your cash lump sum is greater than the cost of the funeral then the difference will be paid to your estate. If the cost of the funeral is greater than your cash lump sum then your estate or next of kin will need to pay the difference. 

With the LV over 50’s funeral plan insurance applied to your life cover you also get the added benefit of an extra 10%. This means that for every £100 of your lump sum that is used towards funeral costs, you can get an extra £10 (up to a maximum of £1,000).

It is important to remember though to keep paying your monthly premiums. If you stop paying your premiums your 50 Plus plan will end and you will no longer be covered. Any ‘charge’ will also be cancelled and you’ll no longer be entitled to the Funeral Benefit. And remember there’s no cash-in value on your 50 Plus plan as it is a life insurance policy designed to pay out on your death.

If you are between 50 and 80 years of age no medical is required and as long as you are a UK citizen LV guarantee to accept you.

Cover starts from £5 per month.

Full terms conditions and details on this life insurance from LV can be found on their website.