National Counties Building Society News & Information.

November 2012 - Following the success of its 1st Issue Online Saver, National Counties Building Society launches the 2nd Issue with a competitive interest rate of 2.25% AER.

National Counties Building Society.

National Counties Building Society was formed 3rd March 1896 as the Fourth Post Office Mutual Building Society  in March 1972 the Buildings Society's name was changed to National Counties Building Society. The Head office address is National Counties Building Society, Ebbisham House, 30 Church Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4NL. They are the largest single branch society in the UK.

They offer a number of products including

Mortgages-Fixed Rate Mortgages, Tracker Rates, Discounted Rates, Flexible Rates, Standard Variable Rate and Family First Guarantor Mortgage.

Savings Accounts- Tax-free ISAs, Easy Access Savings Accounts, Notice Accounts and Fixed Term Bonds.

Insurance- Home insurance.

For the year ended 31/12/2010 The Financial Results for National Counties Building Society were 2009 figures in (brackets)

Profit £1,253,000 (£3,040,000)

Assets £1,238,140,000 (£1,245,644,000)

Executive Directors Pay

Non Executive Directors Pay

Loan balances reduced by 6% during the year after deducting provisions of £10.1 million for possible future loan losses. At the year end there was one mortgaged property in possession and 10 mortgage accounts that were 12 months or more in arrears. Arrears on these 10 was £99,000 and the balances outstanding £1,588,000. Savers balances increased by 1% to £911 million.

Management expenses as a percentage of mean total assets increased to 0.75% from 0.695% the previous year.