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Figures from Petplan showed that the average pet insurance claim for dog insurance was £715 and for cats £510 the figure for rabbits was unavailable. So with figures like these if you are not sure whether pet insurance cover is worthwhile consider whether if you had to pay out privately for treatment you could afford it as each year many pets are abandoned when the owners realise they can not afford the pet bills. 
Figures from Argos show that in the first quarter of 2009 the average cost for treatment if a pet was injured in a road accident was over £1,000!!

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John Lewis Pet Insurance is comprehensive and includes features and benefits that do not always come as standard with other pet insurance policies, for example providing up to £1,000 for advertising if the pet is lost or stolen and up to an additional £1,000 as a reward to ensure pet and owner are reunited as quickly as possible.



10% online discount for new pet insurance policies.



3 levels of cover to choose from allowing you to choose the best cover for your budget.



Dog insurance from just £4.86 per month and cat insurance from £3.54



Dog insurance £28 per month (select breeds £43) and cat insurance £17. As they offer fixed prices if you are paying more than this are guaranteed to save money with them.   


last update November 2012.