Fed up with high gas & electricity bills? If so why not spend a few minutes online seeing if you can reduce them.

Talking to friends and colleagues many have been shocked at just how high their gas and electricity bills were after the cold UK winter. Now the nights are getting lighter and the heating controls are being lowered many people are already forgetting the size of the bill but as well as spring cleaning your house it would be worth taking a few minutes to check that you are getting a reasonable deal on your gas and electric bill as savings of as much as £300 per year can be made by using the best supplier.To check all you will normally need is your postcode, a copy of your bill with details of your current supplier and their charges, details of how you want to pay e.g monthly, quarterly etc. If you then find you can save money switching is normally easy as your new gas or electricity supplier will inform your old one that you are changing so you will just need to take final meter readings for both the new and old supplier, pay your final bill and cancel any direct debits or standing orders you are using to pay your previous supplier.Below are some of the UK’s leading suppliers and links to their websites so you can get a free quote.

Companies supplying UK consumers with energy include

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is one of the largest UK home energy suppliers.


Scottish Power

Scottish Power are one of the major players in the UK’s Energy Retail market.



npower is one of the UK's leading electricity and gas suppliers to over 6 million customers.