Scottish Friendly News.

January 2012 - Scottish friendly will give you £15 of M & S vouchers when you apply and take out the over 50's guaranteed protection plan online.

Scottish Friendly Assurance was started back in 1862 as the City of Glasgow Friendly Society. The name was changed to Scottish Friendly Assurance in 1992. Today they have over 500,000 people with their policies and assets under management at 31/12/2009 stood at £830 million. As a mutual society they do not have shareholders so the profits are generated to with profit policy holders in the form of bonuses. They are regulated by the UK's Financial Services Authority. Details on some of the products they offer can be found below.

Over 50's Guranteed Protection Plan.

The Scottish Friendly over 50's Guaranteed Protection Plan (life insurance) is available from as little as 27p per day and requires no medical or intrusive health questions. There is also an option to use the life insurance plan towards your funeral costs if required.


Scottish Bond.

This Scottish Friendly bond allows you to save £25 per month tax free on top of the ISA limit you have. It is available to anyone between 16 and 55 and is designed as a 10 year savings plan. 

Child Bond.

By saving from just £10 to £25 a month with Scottish Friendly's Child Bond now, you could make all the difference when they're older. For instance, helping to pay for university fees or for the deposit on a first home.


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