Over 50s Life Insurance news from Scottish Friendly.

March 2012 - Scottish Friendly over 50s Life Insurance requires no medical and currently they are offering new customers £25 of FREE M&S Vouchers.

Scottish Friendly’s Over 50’s Guaranteed Protect Plan.

Scottish Friendly’s Over 50’s Guaranteed Protect Plan provides guaranteed life assurance for over 50’s.

The plan is designed to offer affordable cover from as little as 27p per day providing peace of mind for the future.
Here are some of the benefits offered: 

No intrusive health questions

No medical is required  

Guaranteed cash lump sum payable on death once accepted onto the plan, you will receive full life cover as long as premiums are paid into the policy.
Full life insurance begins after the second year of the policy. If death by natural causes occurs within the first two years, all premiums paid into the policy will be returned. If death occurs
of accidental causes, Scottish Friendly will pay out the life insurance in full.

Once you reach the age of 85, you are no longer required to pay any monthly premiums however you will still continue to receive full cover from your Scottish Friendly over 50s life insurance plan.

Scottish friendly over 50s life insurance.