Temporary Car and Van Insurance News



If you are looking for temporary car or van insurance for a period of 28 days or less for reasons like

1. You are after car or van insurance instantly
2. You have a temporary cars or van
3. Need to add a temporary additional driver
4. To protect a no-claims bonus
5. To obtain tax
6. For Immediate drive away cover
7. Unaccompanied Vehicle demonstration

Then temp cover specialises in providing short term car and van insurance. They can provide you with temporary car or van insurance for anything from one day to 28 days. Their day car and van insurance protects you from any liability arising from fire, accident, theft or damage caused to your vehicle. Most of the larger car insurers like Churchill and Tesco do not offer it but there are specialists that do. Please note they do not offer cover for hired cars. 

To Qualify for cover

You have a current full UK or European Union license (for a minimum of 1 year)

You are aged 24 - 75 

You have no more than 6 penalty points on your licence in the last 3 years
You have not been disqualified from driving in the last 5 years 

You have not had more than one fault claim in the last 3 years  

eCar can cover you on a social, domestic or pleasure basis for any period between 1 and 28 days - you have the option to extend this cover to commuting usage as well. For periods longer than a month then you might want to consider their Pay As You Go Monthly Policy.

Car insurance from eCar

Temporary car and van insurance for between one and twenty eight days.