Stafford Railway Building Society Review and Information.

February 2012 - At Stafford Railway Building Society currently (with the exception of existing members) they are only able to offer mortgages within the ST15-ST21 post code areas.

Stafford Railway Building Society.

Stafford Railway Building Society was formed in 1877 by a group of railway workers who wanted a means of saving and financing new homes for themselves. Today the head office is Stafford Railway Building Society, 4 Market Square, Stafford, ST16 2JH.

Products available include Savings Accounts & Mortgages.

Results Year Ended 31/10/2010 (2009)

Profit £1,270,000 (£1,256,000)

Total Assets £193,958,000 (£175,004,000)

Directors Pay £280,800 (£270,100)

At the end of the financial year the Stafford Railway Building Society lent £26.8 million to mortgage borrowers of which £24.8 million was lent on 276 new mortgages and £2 million on further advances. At the end of the year there were 4 mortgages accounts 12 months or more in arrears with the arrears being £23,000 and capital balance £400,000.

A net interest margin of £2.7 million was achieved (2009 £3.4 million) resulting in the figure of 1.45% (2009 2.03%) percentage of mean assets.