November 2012 - If you are looking for family holiday insurance the AA are offering free cover for children. Kids aged 0-17 are insured free of charge.


AA Travel Insurance is provided by AA who are one of the UK's most recognised brands. AA offers single trip travel insurance and annual travel insurance policies. With the option to add cover for winter sports like skiing, weddings and golf.

If you only go on one trip a year then you would be better off with the single trip travel insurance cover and this provides you with

Medical Expenses up to £10 million
Cover for one trip up to 185 days
Emergency Medical Assistance 24/7
Business travel included (subject to exclusions)
Personal Accident Cover up to £25k
Cancellation cover up to £5,000 per person
Winter Sports cover also include snowboarding
Cover available up to the age of 79

If you take more than one trip a year you should consider the AA annual travel insurance package as it will normally work out cheaper than takeing out single trip policies each time. The benefits are the same as the single trip travel insurance policy.

If you want to add the winter sports travel insurance to either the single or annual trip travel insurance the AA cover will provide you additionally with

Ski Equipment covered up to £500
Piste Closure up to £200
Skiing and Snowboarding cover

The Golf Travel Insurance provides protection against loss or damage of your golf equipment to £1,000 plus irrecoverable green fees up to £300.

AA European travel insurance covers travel to United Kingdom (Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man), the Channel Islands, Continental Europe, Mediterranean Islands, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Madeira, Canary Islands, the Azores, the Republic of Ireland, Iceland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.


last updated november 2012.